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Great entry, Ki! This helps a lot!
I'm really late with my comments. XD
Keep doing the amazing job!!!

More 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss you and your eggs,

Happy New Year, baby. I hope that you are ok. ^^

Sorry for the late reply but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Just got my ass off the train this morning from the missionary and the Luna New Year in my country, and now that BB's making a second debut, who am i to miss thissssss!!!! rightttttt!!!

miss you and the GTOP shippers so much too!!!
I'm gonna make it up to you guy with loaded crappy writing of mine XDDDD!!!

Wish you a happy and successful year, bitch! Drown in grand and love ok!!!! and be for ever the young soul that I came to love :DDD

Ki <333333

I saw about your birthday, but I was in Japan and I was unable to send a message to you. Yeah, I attended to YG Family Concert!

I know that sometimes we have no time to spend online. I was 2 weeks gone and it's still strange to be back at the virtual world.

Happy Luna New Year, Ki!

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*jaw dropping* wh...what!!!!! YOU'VE JUST BEEN TOO YG CON!!!!!

I'm a jealous bull right now, bitch!!!!
Gosh! that must be sooooooo awesome to be there right? right? right? RIGHT?????
If i was there w you right now I would force you to tell me everything about the con again and again and even record it and listen at night!!!! I'm have soooo many questionssssss about the con and BIG BANG!!!! (not gonna terror you with them though XDD)but really, HOW WAS THE CON????? HOW WAS OUR BABIES??? i know they r ALWAYSSSSS awesome but I. JUST. CAN'T. HELP!!!!!! *puppy eyes*

My birthday? I even forgot it if my family and friends didnt send me whishes and awesome shits so dont bother your pretty mind w it XDDDD

Love you always, bitch!

I will not lie, my trip was amazing. I went in so many nice places, I was 1 week in Tokyo and 1 week in Paris.

I attended the two days of the concert and I had such amazing seats, I saw them really, but REALLY close. I posted some pics in my Facebook.

But of course I will write a fanaccount. I have to. Wait for it!

how dare you show up after abandoned me for along time?????
ohhhh, I miss you heeeennnnnnnnnn.....

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