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Fate Games (Chapter 25-b)

Fate Games (Chapter 25-b)

Author: 1kbig

PAIRING: GTop (or GMark  XD)

RATING: don't know yet...for anyone i guess XD

GENRE: Humour, fluff, romantic and AU

WARNINGS: dangerous games, children shouldn't try.....

LEGAL ACT: Damn, don't own the boys at all *sobbing for life*

LENGTH: Chapters

SUMMARY:it started as a game which they should never touch...


Chapter 25-b


“Mom, I think we need to celebrate!” Inhye chipped in her happy mood after pouted at her brother for getting ripped of her and the mother only paid her a half-hearted glance, “This is the good combo of Seunghyun’s biggest achievement and my engagement!”

“It’s not my biggest achieve...” Seunghyun was about to snap back at that stupid statement of his sister when a roar cut him off and made him jumped up few feet.

“WHAT! ENGAGEMENT? What the hell!” Sunhee slammed her hand on table and glared at her daughter in stunning shock and heating anger. She knew that her children all had that unpredictable factor in their blood from her but THIS was just too much. She couldn’t just off to London for a month and now she was engaged! And other thing had to be pushed aside now because what the hell! This IS serious!

“Mother, Don’t curse in front of our in-law. It’s rude.” Seunghyun’s sister said as she was not facing a glowing red angry mother.

And Seunghyun had Jiyong and himself out of the kitchen just second before his mother flipped out.

They got to Seunghyun’s room with ears full of better-not-to-say ‘words’.

Jiyong flopped on the bed they juat shared minutes ago, “Your mother is very um....vocal?” He blinked his eyes at the night lamp at the night stand.

“Pff, I thought you knew it by now.” Seunghyun snorted as he sat down on his bed and leaned back at the headboard.

They stayed in silence for a while before Seunghyun couldn’t bear anymore that he had to spoke up, “So you heard?” his voice was so quiet that he was afraid the other man couldn’t hear it and with the silence still occupied the room, he thought he might be right about it. Just when he was about to give up, voice cracked through the dullness.

“Yeah.” Jiyong uttered out. He really didn’t purposely eavesdrop their conversation but he woke up and didn’t see his hyung and then he was thirsty so kitchen he was and then he heard his name which made him stopped and listened and.... ok, it was wrong, again, no argument here but curiosity was always his weakness...still, eavesdropping was eavesdropping and his Mama taught him better than that. “I’m sorry.” He hung his head down in guilt and prepared himself for his hyung’s scolding and anger. But none of that happened though so Jiyong turned his head slowly toward his hyung and he didn’t expect to see what he saw.

Legs crossed in Indian style, the older man’s face was covered in redness and he was looking anywhere but Jiyong and he didn’t know what had got into him but before he could think Jiyong was crawling slowly toward the guy who looked at him when the guy felt the bed shifted but quickly turned away the moment their eyes caught.

Jiyong stopped shortly in front of the guy with a smirk on his face because Jiyong was amused. Seunghyun was an awkward guy who didn’t know what to do in the crowd and usually ended up embarrass himself, he was shy away from strangers and all. However, for the people close to him, they all knew that this guy had thick skin who could do the most shameless and embarrassing things or jokes when he felt like to. Jiyong admired that though because the guy didn’t give a fuck about what people think about him and as time passed, his skin got thicker and now with the new found acting skill, Seunghyun was hardly embarrassed now and if he was then they wouldn’t know with his stern well trained face which he had been using a lot in pranks recently. A red face Seunghyun was just as rare as a sight of eclipse.

“So....amazing? You meant it?” Jiyong asked and ducked his head tried to make the guy look at him but the guy just refused and looked somewhere else. Ah! He was cute and Jiyong was amused! So Jiyong pushed harder. He smirked wider as he poked at the guy’s chest and said teasingly, “Ah ha! You meant it.”

“Stop it, Jiyong.” Seunghyun grunted annoyed because him being red-face was not cool, the guy seemed to enjoy it which only made Seunghyun’s mood worse.

“No! Why i have to stop! After all it was the TOP said that I’m amazing just the way I am.” Jiyong didn’t even bother to cover his I-am-so-enjoying-this giggles when the older man huffed out a ridiculous sound, “Amazing as leader, amazing as friend...” He lifted his fingers then cupped each one down like he was counting, eyes still fixed on his hyung, loving the way the guy grew annoyed and shooting him warning glare but he didn’t give a damn, this was the paid-back for those time he had teased him, “So is there anything else that I am amazing at but I don’t know?” He blinked his eyelashes innocently at his hyung who glared hard at him then grinned his biggest I-owned-you victorious grin.

And of course Seunghyun was not an easy pushed-over but there was time he let his cool tripped off and just be as childish as people gave him credit especially the time he was very embarrassed and just one more push he would turn evil. And of course this was one of those times. Jiyong, you bought it!

He without a dash of eyes caught the smaller man’s hand and pulled with a great strength that made the man flew to his chest and yelped in surprise. When the guy was so bewildered at his sudden action looking up at him with wide eyes, Seunghyun cut off the narrow distance between their face and gripped tighter around the latter and kept him there and still when he flinched away as  their face was just a mere centimetre apart. They could felt the other’s breath on their own lips.

“You know what? You are amazing kisser too.” Seunghyun whispered blowing air at the other’s lips. He mentally smirked as the other man had his eyes opened so wide it hilarious.

“W....What are... ...doing?” Jiyong could felt his heart started to pick up it pace and blood rushed like racing cars up to his brain and cheeks. What the hell got into that man!

“Going to kiss you?” The older rapper replied innocently but it was just a second before sexual smirk replaced it as he licked his lips, “Gotta show you how amazing you are.” A terrifying gasp made him laughed so hard inside and he knew he was not that far away from heading to the fool for busting laughter.

“ are not!” Jiyong could fee his heart was about to jump off his mouth at any moment and he should fight... he would have fought if there was a guy doing this to him.....any guy.....but he didn’t know...with the older man stared down into his eyes.... he couldn’t.

He just felt numb and jelly and .....and all of kind feelings that he shouldn’t be feeling right now.... but he DID! It never happened before! Should be never even supposed to happen at all! What was wrong with him!

Shit! Close those eyes please!

Jiyong screamed mentally when he found that no matter how much willpower he put in he couldn’t tear himself away from those intense eyes. This was pathetic!

“No? Are you sure?” Seunghyun was so enjoying the panicking from the leader and he bet that if it was solid and physical it would have tasted delicious just like those lips he once had tasted….yeah, although it sounded quite unapproved.

Jiyong chocked in a breath when he felt the lips feathery brushed his lips and he shut his eyes closed and braced himself for lips and tongue and teeth and….eh? It was not that he expected those….not at all! God!

Anyway, again, none of that happened, like 10 seconds waiting and Jiyong started to grow restless and impatient…..It was not like he was waiting for the guy kiss him or something…no, it not! Shut up!

Jiyong was about to monologue mentally some more if the warm breath suddenly disappeared on his skin and that was it! What the fuck!

Jiyong huffed in frustration before snapped his eyes opened to see a biggest and the most annoying smirk ever flashed blindly at his face. Fucker!

“You jerk!” Jiyong growled and pushed at the other man angrily.

“Pot calls kettle.” Seunghyun casually replied and dropped his arms.

“You jerk!” Jiyong yelled as he kicked the guy at the thigh. He was being played and he hated being played. His freaking pride was jerking in wounds.

“Hey! It hurts, dude!” Seunghyun yelped as he backed away from the kick. “What are you so angry about? I didn’t kiss you right?” Seunghyun caught the leader’s leg and pushed away. What with that dude!

Kiss! Talking about that!

It was only irritating Jiyong more. “Shut up! You asshole!” He shouted at the older man and kicked him real hard again.

“Ah! What the fuck!” Seunghyun yelled annoyed as he caught the leg again and held it because hell, the kicks were fucking hurt, ok! Couldn’t risk!

“What wrong with you!” Seunghyun growled as he struggled to catch another kicking leg and kept them stay still.

“Shut up! You deserve so be kicked!” Jiyong glared heating at the older man and no! He was not gonna let that ‘how dare you let me hanging there’ slip out of his lips. Never!

“What! Why? I was just kidding! I…..Oh! Don’t tell me you are angry because I didn’t kiss you.” Seunghyun was a bit confused but then he was much sensitive and smarter than he was ever given credit to and seriously, he didn’t even mad about it!

Seunghyun thought he was wrong when the leader stopped kicking and just glared at him but then those murderous glares was kind of saying he was right, “You gotta be kidd….” Seunghyun didn’t have the chance to finish his sentence when lips shut him up.

Jiyong pressed his lips harder on the other’s lips and grinned slightly when he felt the shoulders his hands was being supported tensed. When he panicked about something serious with all horror and heart-beating-fast-like-crazy as he braced himself for it to come, it better came because fuck! He was fucking panicking about being kissed by a guy and it turned out to be just a joke on him! His pride was not gonna live that down! His panic was expecting a kiss then there better be a kiss!

“There! It’s better now!” Jiyong chipped in lightened mood and patted his hyung’s shoulders after he broke the kiss. Hah! Don’t touch Kwon Jiyong!

“What the fuck!” Seunghyun yelled still felt numb all over, well, excluded his heart which was drumming in his rips with mental rock beats.

“Next time when you pull a sexual joke on someone, pay attention on your choices, dude.” Jiyong cockily said as he crawled back to his position on the bed, prepared for going back to sleep when something hit him upside the head.

“Shit! Your sister knew!” Jiyong snapped his head to the older man and breathed out in horror. “Us! She knew!”

Seunghyun gave the leader a sceptical look, “What’s wrong with you today? You usually are not that slow, leader. And you kissed me!”

Jiyong just flipped that last statement off because it was not the first time they kissed and he had something else wayyyyyy more important!

“Holly shit! What are we gonna do now? How are we supposed to tell your mother the truth now that your sis is dragging into this too? I can’t afford to have your sis hate me too! What I’m gonna do!” Jiyong kept talking and babbling and panicking and Seunghyun didn’t think the guy was breathing at all.

“Oh wow, wow! Calm down, Jiyong. Calm down.” He scooped a little bit closer to the man and patted his back in comfort. “It’s not that bad. We will think of something ok? But you need to calm down first, man.”

“Something? What something?” Jiyong whined like he was having his worst stomach-ache ever. “Think, Seunghyun! You have to help me think of something! They are so gonna rip me to pieces if they know the truth now! And your mother is not in a good mood with your sis’s engagement so she is gonna kill us for real if we tell her tomorrow!” his voice was getting higher and higher with each second his panic got bigger.

 “Hey, hey, Jiyong. Breathe, dude, breathe.” Seunghyun pulled the guy to his chest as close as the guy let him and rubbed his back, “We don’t have to tell her tomorrow, you know. We can wait for my sis’s mess get clean first then we can have our turn.”

“We…we can?” Jiyong hopefully looked up at his hyung.

“Well, we are lying so if we keep lying a little bit longer I think it won’t be that hard.” Seunghyun shrugged his shoulders but the tone in his voice screamed that he didn’t like that idea very much. He hated to lie to his mother and now his sis too, especially this is serious matter. Of course it was not that oblivious to the younger man either.

“You don’t want to lie to your mother and sister, right?” Jiyong hung his head down in guilt. He was asking the man to do something sinful with his family. “I’m sorry.” He felt like tearing up again.

“No, it’s ok!” Seunghyun scooped the man closer as his voice turned soft, “I’m not blaming you, Jiyong. We are in this together and I did promise to fix this, didn’t I? And you know real man don’t back out from his words. You know better I’m a real man, leader.” Seunghyun smugly finished trying to lighten the air a bit but apparently, the younger man found no humour in it.

“Come on, man! The appearance of my sis is not your fault and we can’t do anything about her fucked-up. Stop beating yourself.” Seunghyun hugged his leader to comfort the guy as he leaned his head a bit closer to the other’s neck when his nose caught that sweet addicting sent again. Serious, he needed a talk with his body about this automatic and unresisting habit of its. “You smell really nice.” He blunted it out without thinking.

He could feel the guy froze in his arms but his body had the mind of its own as his nose pressed at the skin and inhaled deeply. The grunted content noise totally was not his intention!

“Hyung!” Jiyong sucked in a breath as the bold action and he didn’t know why but the air around them abruptly and scarily turned tense and sensual. Just a second ago they was all serious business but now it was filled with that thick sweet lure  that he was overwhelmed by it even though his body seemed to adapt quite fast as his head unconsciously tilted aside when the nose nudged at it. The easy atmosphere changing and the way his body reacted to the other man were so natural; it freaked Jiyong out to be honest.

He wanted to make excuses to calm his panic down but you could never lie to yourself. He didn’t fell gross and disgusting when he kissed his hyung as well as let the guy molest him whenever he wanted and now his body even got used to it. It reacted to the older man automatically and voluntarily.

Oh! Shit! He had turned gay, hadn’t he? He turned gay for Choi Seunghyun! Shit!

“Ah really? I’m honoured, Kwon Jiyong!” Jiyong could feel the smirk on his skin and he whined uselessly, “I said that out loud?”



“Yeah. But it’s cute though.” Seunghyun tightened his arms and rubbed his nose at the soft skin.

“It tickles! Stupid hyung!” Jiyong bit his lips to press the giggle inside his chest. “And why are we so calm about this whole gay thing like this? It’s so not supposed to be, dude!” Jiyong sighed frustrated but his body was relaxing at the warmth from his hyung’s body.

“I don’t know. I think I don’t really mind about being gay? …..Well, I don’t.” Seunghyun leaned back at the headboard pulling the guy with him, settled the guy between his legs and relaxed. He felt his sleepiness was creeping in again. “I don’t mind turn gay for you. At least you are kind of famous and attractive.” Seunghyun slurred his words half joke half serious, he would be embarrassed about that tomorrow. Now, he thought he might get drunk after took too much of that delicious sent into him.

“Hah! Of course I’m that marvellous!” Jiyong singsong and really, he knew it was supposed to be a lot of freaking out and then there would be the whole denial series after that with a lot of drama and self-discovering in between when people turned gay or came out or whatever, like in the dramas and movies. However, there was Choi Seunghyun, the factor of simplicity and simplification, the factor of Jiyong’s peacefulness, who whenever Jiyong was next to he felt easy and relax and everything just turned less serious and more fun. And really, Jiyong didn’t mind if he was gay for this guy though because he was just as marvellous himself too.

“Let’s date, hyung.” Jiyong flatly said as like he was not asking his hyung, a guy, out.

“Huh? What?” Seunghyun looked up at his leader in confusion.

“I don’t want to lie to your family either so if we date for real then we are not lying right? Yeah, so let’s date for real. We are gay for each other anyway so better just be cool about it and make the best out of it.” Jiyong nonchalantly said, he thought it was the best idea he ever come up with. And this was the advantage of being young.

“Eh… But I still want to date girls.” Really, dating with Jiyong would be a lot of fun but he still preferred girls. Now that he let himself sober up a bit, his straightness was still burning strong.

“Stupid! Who says you have to date guys from now on!” Jiyong spat out irritated. ‘And what wrong with date me forever’ he didn’t think that would be appropriate so he kept that in his tongue and let something more reasonable out, “We date until you find someone else who you love for real then we have our ‘break up’ in front of your mother. And tada~~ we are not liars and we back to our straightness!” Jiyong spread his arms in the air when he said ‘tada’ and Seunghyun couldn’t stop himself from squirming at the cuteness.

“Aww, you cute!” Seunghyun cooed completely distracted. He was always distracted though so it was normal.

“Choi Seunghyun! Focus, man!” Jiyong growled in annoyance. “We have serious problem here, dude!”

“I’m always serious!” Seunghyun pouted.

“Then what is your answer, Mr Serious.” Jiyong rolled his eyes and wondered hard why he tuned gay for this big baby anyway?

“I don’t know.” Seunghyun sighed, turned back to being serious.

“What is that that you don’t know?” Jiyong frowned.

“I…I don’t even know! I just don’t think it’s a good idea.” Seunghyun thought it was a bad idea actually because his guts screamed it was a terrible idea.

“Why?” Jiyong whined desperately. “You don’t want to date me?”

……………..Oh, Holly molly! Shit!

“Oh.” Seunghyun blunted out and Jiyong could taste his amusement. Fuck him!

“You meant it?” the older man coked his eyebrow.

“Oh God!” Jiyong winced under his breath. His face was incredibly hot.

“Oh. You meant it.” The older rapper teasingly chipped.

Quoting Jiyong! Not cool!

“Shut up!” Jiyong grunted and punched slightly on the chest. The older man just laughed amusedly. They stayed silently in their signature relaxing atmosphere and felt thankful that through all of messy shit they still have each other and their friendship by their sides.

“Then ask me.” Seunghyun casually broke the silence, he tighten his grip to push his point.

“Huh? Ask what?” Jiyong looked up questioning.

“Ask me out of course! What else!” Seunghyun rolled his eyes. The leader was seriously slow today.

“Eh? Why I have to ask you?” Jiyong crunched his nose at the idea. Come on!

“Because this is your idea. And because we are dating for real then we have to go with the norm which mean there has to be one of us asking for the other out. And you want me to ask you out?” Seunghyun finished with a pointed eyebrow coking because he knew better about Jiyong and his pride.

Of course if he had a choice, Jiyong wanted to be the one who took the initiative like he was always be. Thus his face immediately brightened up at his hyung offer.

“Of course I’ll do it!” Jiyong excitedly said as he sat up and Seunghyun let his arms dropped away. The smaller man straightened himself and sat in Indian style facing his hyung; his heart suddenly raced like crazy again.

He looked at the man who was now sitting up as well which meant he was taller than Jiyong which made him had to look up to catch his eyes, which also meant he was looking at the guy under his eyelashes and he had dated quite number of girls to know that that gesture was meant to be flirting. But hell, he was asking the man out anyway and they even kissed already so flirting was not even half mattered.

“Um…Seunghyun.” Jiyong bit his lower lip and dashed his eyelashes. He knew how seductive yet innocent he was when he did that. His second girlfriend told him so.

“Uh huh?” Seunghyun half heatedly asked as he was so busy to calm his heart and restrain himself from reaching out and kiss the guy. Damn! Guys that had been attracted to Kwon Jiyong, I feel you!

“Do… do you want to go out with me?” Jiyong nervously whispered, his voice hoarse. He then looked away even though he knew the answer was a yes, yet his heart still clenched uncomfortably at the silence that covered them. Because he was very serious when he asked the guy out. He didn’t think it was for fun, it was not a lie, it was his heart poured in it like other times he had asked his girlfriend. He didn’t want it was just acting and lies.

“Yes.” Finally the older man spoke up and Jiyong snapped his eyes back to those bigger ones.

“Yes?” The younger rapper asked again, smile started to form again on his face.

“Yes.” Seunghyun firmly said and mimicked the same smile on his face.

They grinned at each other and hearts flushed in something they couldn’t name, couldn’t touch but it was light and fluffy and they knew it was unharmed so why bother, right.

“So?” Jiyong beamed up at his hyung who coked his head and beamed back.

They continued to grin at each other and if they had time in their hands they thought they would just enjoy this moment as long as they wanted but they didn’t so…

“So can I kiss you?” Seunghyun narrowed his eyes at his leader and the grin got bigger.

Well, that was …, surprised….so Jiyong blinked at the older man for 3 good seconds before heat busted out from his body and he thought that his face was steaming right now. “Um.” He made the sound…. Lame! Of course he knew but what was he supposed to say!

He didn’t have to though when his lips were sealed with other’s ones. He squeezed his eyes shut and God! Swear this was neither his first kiss, nor even a love kiss, nor their first kiss; it was just a kiss but….

His body froze, his heart jumped like mad horse and he was nervous wrecked that he couldn’t breathe. He watched enough dramas to know he was acting like a teenager girl who was having her first kiss with eyes shut, shoulders tensed and blush on cheeks.

Oh God!

Jiyong squeezed his eyes tighter and made a sound like a whimper when he felt a wet tongue ran on his lips. Fuck! He whimpered! Fuck! He needed to shoot himself now before he humiliated himself even more!

He didn’t have time to think where he could buy a gun first because the lips suddenly disappeared and a soft ‘Hey’ blew at his wet lips. The guy wanted him to open his eyes. Eh… can I not?

Jiyong gave himself 3 seconds to compose himself and ignore the hotness under his skin face before he slowly uncapped his eyelids to meet those big intense eyes boring into him.

“Um.” He made sound again because he kind of forgot where he had left his words.

“So we are official now.” Seunghyun beamed at him and his grin told Jiyong that the guy was very amused with what he was seeing. He peered and only spoke again after Jiyong nodded.

“Good!” He grinned with teeth and all as he stretched himself, “I’m kind of sleepy.”

Jiyong stared at his hyung pulling the blanket off so he could crawl in and wondered if he could learn to be simple like his hyung then maybe he wouldn’t be so stress all the time.

Jiyong sighed bitterly before crawling into the blanket and lied down as well; he purposely left a gap between them, “Yeah. I want to sleep too.” Then he was just lying there and stared at the ceiling.

“Do you want me to turn off the lamp?” Seunghyun whispered but it came out loud in the quiet night.

“Yeah.” Jiyong plainly said.

The light went off and the silence lurked in. There were only noises from downstairs and their breathing sounds.

A boyfriend. Pff.” Seunghyun suddenly snorted, “Whole my life I swear I never even once thought of it. This is ridiculous!” 

“Believe me when I say I know how you feel, dude.” Jiyong sighed; he didn’t think the man could see if he was pouting or not though.

“Come here.” Seunghyun said after their brief silence.

“Huh?” Jiyong turned to his hyung but all he could see was a dark figure.

“Come here.” Seunghyun reached over and pulled at his leader’s arm, implied what he wanted.

Jiyong listened to his heart picked up the beats for seconds before scooched over and let … his now boyfriend enveloped him. He had to say that let go of his burden, responsibilities and pride, and be protected and embraced like this was what he needed sometime.

In those big arms he let himself thinking small and vulnerable was ok too. And he felt into sleep with a smile on his face and at the other man’s chest.

Maybe having a boyfriend was not bad at it sounded.



They left early in the morning because Seunghyun’s mother and sister were going to London to meet up with Seunghyun’s unknown brother in-law and the boys were more than relieved that they didn’t have to face them for a while and be back with their normal life.

“I have something to talk with you two, we will talk when I get back, ok?” Sunhee said as she eyed her son naturally looped his arm around his leader who just as natural let himself be pulled over and pressed to the other man’s side.

“Yeah, we have something to tell you too.” Seunghyun said as he was locking eyes with his boyfriend who had the same silly smile on his face as Seunghyun’s one from the moment they woke up until now. “But we will talk later then.” He turned to his mother and gave her a reassure smile, completely ignored his sis who was cooing loudly how cute they were together.

Sunhee lifted her eyebrow in observation. If she didn’t know better she would have thought they were going break their wedding news on her later. Seriously, with the way her son couldn’t keep his hands off the younger man who didn’t seem to mind that either, she really hoped that happened rather they two got hurt for whatever reason later.

“Take care and don’t do anything stupid ok.” She said to the boys in the mother mood.

“Don’t make him sad unless you want me hunt you down.” Inhye warned her brother who just rolled his eyes at her. “And keep him. Don’t let anyone steal him away from you, don’t let him go either ok. Just…don’t be stupid.

“Shut up, sis! Mind your own business!” Seunghyun scolded his sis and of course, he was never gonna let anyone take his boyfriend away. Duh! He was a man!

“I will keep my two eyes on him, aunt Sunhee, so don’t worry. We will be good.” Jiyong gave her reassure look and smile before they all exchanged hugs, kisses and farewells.

Sunhee was off with her stupid daughter while praying that the boys would keep their words, be good and didn’t get into any mess because the mess they all in were more than enough.

But well, what did she and the boys know better right?

Because as Kiko, the girl who would turn everything fun about this game upside down, who made the game became a hell game of fate, strutted in to Jiyong and Seunghyun’s life.

And the mess they were in was nothing compared to it was later when the whole world got involved.

The game was just started.


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